Blue mountains of blue


Before me blue mountains  I see,

and behind  the things that had all to be,

behind me  mountains of blue

wish I could left all the things I do…

let me touch your feet very slow

let me cool the soul in the hoary snow…Imageee 

Translated from


Author: veryukrainian

I'm an instructor, a researcher. I'm a daughter, a wife, and a mother. I'm a human being who thinks, feels, and speaks.

3 thoughts on “Blue mountains of blue

  1. Hi, where are those mountains? So beautiful !

    • Hi.That’s Petros (2020m),one of the highest peaks of Chognora range in Ukrainian Carpathians, on the very south-west of Ukraine.
      Seems like not far from u?Are you Polish?

      • Chernohora. True, I have never been there, I’m Polish and it is not far. I don’t even know how to get there 🙂 And where to stay. Nice mountains.

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