Tortures.God, save us.


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How much more bloodshed is needed for them to defend a European nation in the heart of Europe

Armenian artist with ukrainian heart.We are not alone

Euromaidan PR

egizUkrainian artist Boris Yeghiazaryan: “I would like to ask, how much more bloodshed is needed for them to defend a European nation in the heart of Europe?” The first day, when the clashes began on Hrushevskyy street, I called the collision instigation, deliberate provocation by the authorities, and willy-nilly оur boys from Maidan got involved in it. (Both then and today Maidan is full of provocateurs of various stripes as Maidan is an open area after all). In the coarse of the second day of the collision, when being unable to remain indifferent to what was happening on Hrushevskyy street, Maidan started to get engaged in it and gave battle, it became clear that although the war was imposed on us, we would no longer be able to avoid it. And after Maidan demanded the opposition leaders to deny the negotiations with the authorities, it became clear that Maidan, as expression of…

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Hopeless hope.30.01, Kyiv, -21oC

Hopeless hope takes over me,

Where and why I have to be,

What  was wright and what was not,

Now in life there is three dots…

Hopeless hope in the mid of Europe lives,

How we can still the one to be,

Frozen hearts are in warmth and gold,

 Tears of hope don’t freeze at cold .

Hopeless hope still have to be,

When there is no real hopes for me,

In a hopeless hope one mistake can see,

But I won’t let my life a mistake to be


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