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very Ukrainian captive

Do you know what means to be a captive in your own land?

I hadn’t imagined as much too, until I’ve heard from my friends defending our land on the east the things that don’t make me sleep at night.


It means your eyes сan be pricked out, your teeth can be pulled out, our body can be cut, if you don’t want to stand on your knees before them – Russian and Chechen terrorists,  your head will cut off or you will be hanged on electric power lines. If the Ukrainian woman living in the Eastern Ukraine will dare to say something against the invaders, she may be raped and her body may be mutilated.


Sorry, for terrible words, but that’s a cruel truth, we live here in Ukraine, and nothing more poetic goes through my mind lately.

We are not afraid to die in the name of our land, the blood of which goes through our veins, We are afraid to keep on living knowing that it’s OK for the majority.


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Very Ukrainian peace

We have been sleeping in peace for years.

They haven’t  slept in peace since they are born.

We didn’t sleep in peace last year.

They slept in peace last year.

We don’t sleep in the war this year.

They sleep in the war this year.

They will sleep in peace forever.

We will never sleep in peace anymore.

                  1471300 Sorry for losing our peace.

                           Photo from AR

I used to think…

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I used to think...

I used to think I was born in the most peaceful state of the globe.
I used to think the eternal struggle of Ukrainians for the native land has finished.
I used to think that there are thousands color shades in the universe.
But now…
Now I watch Russian soldiers with guns walking on our land.
Now I have been blaimed to be neofascist for the aspiration to be the Ukrainian.
Now there is only two colors in my life -black and white…