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You are there.

I am here.

Where are we?


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Very Ukrainian woman


I’m terrorist

’cause I love my land,

I’m extremist

’cause the anthem sing.

I’m wife whose man

still afraid of pain,

I’m mother,children my

need a truth to have.

I’m a woman with

a head in clouds,

walking hard

on the land of blood.

Though I’m tiny girl,

there is no fear in me,

my salvation still

a Ukrainian to be.

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Hopeless hope.30.01, Kyiv, -21oC

Hopeless hope takes over me,

Where and why I have to be,

What  was wright and what was not,

Now in life there is three dots…

Hopeless hope in the mid of Europe lives,

How we can still the one to be,

Frozen hearts are in warmth and gold,

 Tears of hope don’t freeze at cold .

Hopeless hope still have to be,

When there is no real hopes for me,

In a hopeless hope one mistake can see,

But I won’t let my life a mistake to be


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Higher than the sky


Suddenly I don’t see anything,

I don’t hear anything,

And I am not anymore who I am,

Another day comes to the end

Followed by you…

I feel falling into the sky,

And there is no end

The must be a place to stop

But there is no way to be caught…

Higher than the sky I can’t reach alone….

Translated from Okean Elzy “Higher than the sky”


Alive because of the land


Somewhere in the place of fields, forests and mountains

my land begins .

Somewhere in the place where my desires never sleep,

my soul suddenly awakes from the deep,

Somewhere in the place of fields,forests and mountains

my land still keeps for me the greatest wonders.

Only with the land the world is kind,

Only with the land the ice melts down,

And even the cold doesn’t freeze my blood,

‘Cause only with the land I’m alive.

translated form Okean El’zy “With Her”