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very Ukrainian difference

ONE year of being totally different


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Very Ukrainian peace

We have been sleeping in peace for years.

They haven’t  slept in peace since they are born.

We didn’t sleep in peace last year.

They slept in peace last year.

We don’t sleep in the war this year.

They sleep in the war this year.

They will sleep in peace forever.

We will never sleep in peace anymore.

                  1471300 Sorry for losing our peace.

                           Photo from AR

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Very Ukrainian soldier

He is a Ukrainian soldier defending his land on the east.

He might be tired, wounded, thirsty, hungry and without body armor, but she will never know about that.

She is a very Ukrainian woman praying for her man stay alive.

She might cry everyday to see him back home, but he will never know  about that.

They are Ukrainian people irreplaceable in their homeland in their lifetime.

P.S. Meanwhile, his son is learning Ukrainian anthem to meet his hero.armija_ukrajina_kramatorsk 


photo from

I used to think…

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I used to think...

I used to think I was born in the most peaceful state of the globe.
I used to think the eternal struggle of Ukrainians for the native land has finished.
I used to think that there are thousands color shades in the universe.
But now…
Now I watch Russian soldiers with guns walking on our land.
Now I have been blaimed to be neofascist for the aspiration to be the Ukrainian.
Now there is only two colors in my life -black and white…


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It’s not a time just to follow the situation in Ukraine any more.
Dictatorial government shoot at activists, especially journalists. There are dead already. They arrested my friends in absurd manner. They abduct the most active people and intelligent youth. Each of us can be the next. We all are overtired and don’t sleep in fact.

PLEASE HELP! Call massively for your authorities, urge them to act! Call massively to International Peace Organization and any others! Come out for the meetings! Terrible thing are going on in Central Europe!

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