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Very Ukrainian soldier

He is a Ukrainian soldier defending his land on the east.

He might be tired, wounded, thirsty, hungry and without body armor, but she will never know about that.

She is a very Ukrainian woman praying for her man stay alive.

She might cry everyday to see him back home, but he will never know  about that.

They are Ukrainian people irreplaceable in their homeland in their lifetime.

P.S. Meanwhile, his son is learning Ukrainian anthem to meet his hero.armija_ukrajina_kramatorsk 


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Daily Prompt: Home Sweet Home/ In his heart

Somewhere still are lying the books worth reading. There someone’s glasses are raising with dust.In that place the stamps are still waiting for the man that will еvaluate them. Some precious words on the sheet of the paper on the table  still need to be finished.

There is my home.But what’s that all  worth without him?! Could that all things live separately from him?! No. All they are full of sense only if filled up with my father’s spirit and heart. My home is in his heart which beats forever in my world