Very Ukrainian mother

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Mum, don’t cry.

I’ll return in spring,

As a bird will knock at your window.

I’ll come with morning dew in the garden,

Or will be raining in front of your door.

Mum, please don’t cry,

That’s my fate.

Mother word is not my own anymore,

Let me come into your dreams

And tell how I feel being in new home .

ImageMum, please forgive me of

your black hat and pain.

And that you will be alone from now.

Mummy, I love you.Ukraine and you are

the only that still live in my ruined heart.

Translated from Oksana Maksymyshyn-Korabel.

P.S. 20th of February more than 70 peaceful protestants were killed by police.Bleed with Ukraine


Author: veryukrainian

I'm an instructor, a researcher. I'm a daughter, a wife, and a mother. I'm a human being who thinks, feels, and speaks.

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