Alive because of the land



Somewhere in the place of fields, forests and mountains

my land begins .

Somewhere in the place where my desires never sleep,

my soul suddenly awakes from the deep,

Somewhere in the place of fields,forests and mountains

my land still keeps for me the greatest wonders.

Only with the land the world is kind,

Only with the land the ice melts down,

And even the cold doesn’t freeze my blood,

‘Cause only with the land I’m alive.

translated form Okean El’zy “With Her”



Author: veryukrainian

I'm an instructor, a researcher. I'm a daughter, a wife, and a mother. I'm a human being who thinks, feels, and speaks.

2 thoughts on “Alive because of the land

  1. Hi there, on my latest post, my three co-authors and I talk about the things we learned blogging in 2013, and in one of my thoughts, I say, “8. I’ve learned to appreciate things that were not part of my everyday life, like poetry and photography.” Your post is the perfect example of that: a wonderful picture and amazing words. By the way, although I can’t understand a word in that song, I can feel how powerful it is. Great post!

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