Tears of no sense

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“If your fate is love you’ll be happy. But if the love isn’t your fate?!”- said the old prophetImage

Stop crying.Stop being naive. Stop being softy. Stop grumble. Your whole life is just a river of tears.And one day you’ll be drowned in it.

Have you ever heard anything like that? Once being taught to love once you are to be broken. Do your hear your own voice of critique at that moment. I don’t think so. Your tears – depression, alcohol, apathy and so on – overwhelm you.”Your tears make no sense” – says someone from the other side. And you awake.

You’re trying hard to be the hardest and as long as you can. Someone makes you callous  in order to let you be softy once again one day


Author: veryukrainian

I'm an instructor, a researcher. I'm a daughter, a wife, and a mother. I'm a human being who thinks, feels, and speaks.

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